EQUIPMENT What Income For Anah?
EQUIPMENT What Income For Anah?

EQUIPMENT What Income For Anah?

Do you want to renovate your house or buy an old house and rehabilitate it? In both cases,

the budgetary question is central: certain major renovation operations represent particularly high costs. Several programs have been put in place to help individuals better meet these expenses. Between bonuses, loans or even the VAT reduction, find out how to take advantage of the various aids and increase your renovation budget.

Maprim Renov

Granted by the National Housing Agency (Anah), this bonus allows the owner of a main residence to finance work to improve the energy performance of their home. The request is made online on the MaPrimRénov website.

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Allocation conditions

There are different conditions of allocation linked to the personal situation of the applicant, the nature of the accommodation and the type of work undertaken.